the addams family

is love. when i was a little kid, 4, 5 years old, i would wake up early and go downstairs in the pitch black at 4 or 5 am and eat sprinkles raw and watch the black & white episodes of the addams family by myself. then the movies came out, and they were awesome. the other day at target i saw they were selling both addams family & addams family values on 1 dvd for $10. MINE. i watched them both back to back as soon as i got home, and the next day, and the next day, and so on. and right now im watching the 1st one, and eventually the 2nd.

ive found my ideal wife: wednesday addams. i loved her as a child, she was always my favorite, and now that i re-watch these movies an adult, i can come to the conclusion that i need a girlfriend who wears all black and hates smiling with a very morbid sense of humor. aka wednesday addams. idk wtf i was thinking ever dating such a colorful rainbow-brite bitch. whatevz.

reasons why wednesday addams is the coolest female of all time:

at the end of addams family values when her “boyfriend” asks her “what would you do if you found a man who would devote every waking hour to your happiness. be your personal slave?” she responds with “…i’d pity him” very sternly. WIN. another awesome wednesday addams quote is when her and pugsly are playing on the electric chair, and she asks pugsley to play a game, he asks what game? and she responds with “its called…is there a God?” FUCKED UP. why did my parents let me watch this as a child? so morbid and borderline inappropriate! guess we all know why i love horror movies, music from hell, and wear all black. oh yea, blood and guts too. specifically because of the scene where they sword fight on stage, and blood squirts EVERYWHERE. quentin tarantino style. i specifically only remember that scene from when i was younger. the other humor and plotlines confused me and i couldnt follow. but the blood scene stayed in my head since age whatever.

YES  im so glad i just found this on youtube. amazing. it has every single awesome wednesday addams scene compiled into one 7 minute video, along with some randomly out of place disney clips?? i dont get it.


….are they dead? …does it matter?

oh yea also, i  bought the entire black & white tv series on dvd for $50 on amazon. watched 3 episodes so far out of about 100. obsessed much? yes. the show isnt as good as the movies, but still amazing. the sounds & music in the show are my favorite. but i cant stand studio audiences.

i honestly only want to have a child to name her wednesday. wednesday addams arturi. WAA.


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