my new favorite genre (sarcasm). when i got into music, i always liked it fast. then i discovered the happy fast wasnt as good as the angry fast. slipknot turned me onto blast beats with their song ‘eeyore’, which eventually led to suffocation (pure death metal) and the drummer of terror zone (paul) who i worked with at tapeville usa in 2002 turned me onto hatebreed and other new york hardcore bands. im not much into nyhc anymore, but i should be because new music sucks. every . single. fucking. damned. band i can think of that ive ever liked even just a little has gotten blatantly worse with age. the # 12 looks like you is a prime example. they started off being some of the smartest, fastest, heaviest, most distorted, complicated music id ever heard. it took me years to be able to memorize their songs, and to this day i cant go a day without listening to them. ‘put on your rosey red glasses’ their first release from 2004 is by far my favorite album of all time. their new album, belongs on z100. the lyrics are very good and smart. the drums are amazing (courtesy of my somewhat friend jon karel whom i see often in nyack) but other than that, the vocals are soft like the backstreet boys, and the guitar/bass licks are just plain boring and the furthest thing from technical. and i love technical. not to mention theres not one breakdown on the entire cd and is the furthest thing from fast. totally not exciting. even to fans of softer rock, they dont see anything interesting about it. epic fail. 2/6 of the original members left. one singer down, one guitarist down, bassist replaced, better drummer, yet worse music. 

heres some more bands that should be embarassed by their newer releases: 

sky eats airplane (never really liked them too much, but some of their heaviness was incomparable. and they had cool, perfectly mastered 8 bit parts. now theyre typical pop-rock-core with no songs that stand out above the rest)

daughters (i still love ‘hell songs’ but it took a while to adapt to it, considering theyre the messiest, most complicated band on earth. now he sounds like the guy from danzig, but drunker. he was always like that live, the the new cd is devoid of screaming whatsoever. so sad)

job for a cowboy (new cd has no pig squeals. nuff said. totally boring generic death metal that sounds like a cannibal corpse cd)

bury your dead (new band members, new level of suckitude. all their songs used to sound the same, but in a good way. they also pussied out and added bsb vocals way too often)

the locust (my favorite band of all time! their new cd is industrial digital noise. too much time wasted making literal digital feedback-ish noise instead of complicated guitar + bass + drums + screaming passionate music)

mindless self indulgence (new cd is 80s dance music. not as many taboo, sexual lyrics or fast ‘bounciness.’ also not very fast. way too catchy, radio-worthy music)

the acacia strain (had a very original bendy note thing going on during their first cd that made it easy to distinguish them out of a mix of hardcore/metal. new cd completely ruled that out and sounds just like everything else. indistinguishable anymore. they lost their only bit of individuality)

every time i die (burial plot -2000- is amazing, heavy, technical, true metal-core with dinosaur vocals. gutter phenomenon -2005- sounds like fucking coheed, and its all they play live. when i saw them recently, the singer even dissed their “shitty old hardcore songs” saying they “purposely learned how to forget them”. sorry, but i lost all respect for them after that and refuse to claim i like them or sport their merch. fucking posers)

all shall perish (first cd was awesome, legit, ‘death-core’. heavy as shit and non-stop double-bass relentlessness. now they added 50% softness and little girls like them. fuck off)

psyopus (still love this band. one of my favorites ever. but their new cd is a joke. they spent 20 minutes doing danny elfman like orchestra music. its impressive. to my dad. but i wanna hear their ridiculous guitar shredding and blast beats. they have the most ridiculous time signatures of any band ive ever heard, but they wasted 20 minutes on their cd creating tim burton movie music)

i could go on forever, but i wont. eventually i would like to get my own cd/music review site and criticize the shit out of all this terrible music coming out. hardcore just aint what it used to be. bands use open note chord breakdowns 90% of the time. chug chug chugga chugga chug chug. yawn. they all sound exactly the same. impossible to tell the different between after the burial, oceano, veil of maya, belay my last, a different breed of killer, white chapel, and hundreds more. it makes me very sad to see how dumbass little scene kids ruined heavy music. it was underground for a reason.

the thing i hate most is how bands go from such extremes ends to the opposite. literally they sound like the backstreet boys one minute, and then are growling and roaring with br00tal sick mosh breakdowns that make you want to step on tweens faces. (a day to remember, beneath the sky, as cities burn) i dont get it! pick a side. the fact that 60% of your album could be mistaken for the new kids on the block, completely cancels out any heaviness you’ve tried to achieve. your band and your music doesn’t exist because it cancels itself out. embarassing.

another thing i cant stand is how they waste time on their album with acoustic songs. every heavy band out there right now has at least one track of their cd devoted to a completely different type of music that makes no sense. acoustic, jazz, transcendental, blues, etc. they waste entire tracks on their albums sounding like music that my dad listens to. it makes no sense. its not like they play it live in between songs, its simply just wasting time on the cd. i dont understand. congratulations you can pig squeal and play the mandolin. i dont give an elephant shit. 

this is why i listen to grindcore and death metal. bands like insect warfare, dr. acula, shitstorm, see you next tuesday, fleshgrind,  cannibal corpse, never let up. they throw in some funny samples to pass time occasionally, and usually have under 1 minute long songs making 10 minute cds, but they stick to their guns (another shitty ass pop-core band) and stand by their passion for heavy music. all these “screamo” and “death-core” bands care more about their hair and the size of the gauges than making valid, reputable heavy music that will stand the test of time. cryptic slaughter was one of the first grind bands ever. they were around in the late 80’s. i got into them when i was about 15 and still love it. they had passion and didn’t care how many fans they had. they wanted to have fun and make music that was actually different than what was out there. they successfully took it up a notch. same with the locust. people hated them at first. they were laughed at. now, there are thousands of scene kids trying to make ‘cyber grind’ on myspace music who would kill to suck the locusts dick. they broke boundaries and will be remembered forever. despite how many people think they’re just yelling and making noise. i challenge you to figure out how to play a locust song. you cant. 

just wait til i start making music. no one will like it. but hopefully it will stand the test of time and in the future, people will appreciate what i’ve done. cross the line.

that being said, the ‘music’ category is going to be about my music. not other peoples. because all new music just keeps getting shittier and shittier and im sick of it (all). i listen to the most ridiculous music out there, and now i have to 1-up it. and based on some of the screaming i’ve recorded myself doing, i can. i just need to learn how to program drums in reason like agoraphobic nosebleed and either get decent at guitar again or find an awesome guitarist.


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