southland tales

is a very confusing movie. made by the same people who made donnie darko, but about the apocalypse, kinda. full of random ass celebrities like justin timberlake, will sasso, amy poehler and the rock. all ive gotten is a few funny parts, but overall i cant follow this for shit. i think they wanna kill the rock? not quite sure. 2.5 hour long movie. and im going to have to watch it again. sean william scott is god? what the FUCK is going on in this movie?


apparently there were some car fires in the underground parking of the palisades mall. how come exciting shit happens when im not working?  i worked til 430 and this happened at like 530. lame. i was bored doing nothing all day at work. would’ve loved some excitement, not to mention getting paid to stand outside the mall since it was evacuated on a beautiful day.


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